Residential housing in the Kommunarka village

Location: Kommunarka village, Moscow

client: OOO “PSF KROST”

Architects: J. Burdova (leader), O. Aleksakova (leader), L. Koloyarskaya, O. Vlasenko, B. Henning

Design started: 2007

Construction completed: 2011

Status: built

Photo: V. Feoktistov, Y. Pindora

70000m2 of housing were to be situated on two separate plots in Kommunarka, Moscow region. The idea of masterplan was to unite the two sites by connecting and revitalizing series of existing ponds, placing new big blocks into one landscape context.
Four buildings forming the first block are completely prefabricated with the use of rubber molds.
The apartments, very small in size, have an open plan. The facades are done in wide color stripes, that on one hand unite the buildings, on the other give each one a clear identity.
Prefabricated panels with relief finish are used in the interiors of public zones.