Residential house on General Karbyshev street

Location: General Kabyshev St., 21, Moscow

Customer: LLC “PSF KROST”

Architects: O. Aleksakova (leader), A. Huhn (leader)

Design started: 2004

Construction completed: 2006

Status: built

Photo: V. Feoktistov

The L – shape block is oriented to a green boulevard on the east side, the north side is adjacent to a busy street. The east side dwellings are provided with loggias, the facades facing the inner courtyard have balconies facing south and west. The lay-out of the small jumping balconies in the courtyard is meant to prevent spontaneous glazing and bricking-up by the tenants  
The prefabricated concrete facade panels are finished with tiles, laid out in stripes of 7 different colors. This pattern gives the building a warm, “woody” appearance, gives a human scale to the 23 stories high building mass. The joints between the tiles and panels were kept the same 13mm to camouflage its prefabricated nature.