New year 2017, VDNKH

Location: VDNKH, Moscow

Customer: VDNKH

Architects: J. Burdova (leader), O. Aleksakova (leader), V. Gusev, S. Telkanova, N.Neganov

Design started: 2016

Construction completed: 2016

Status: built

In summer, the VDNH’s central avenue is a popular outdoors hang-out area for Muscovites who like to take a walk among the fountains, while in winter it is a pedestrian transit thoroughfare for visitors of “the world’s largest skating rink” at the Central Pavilion. Imparting a different quality to this space in the cold and dark winter months was achieved through the implementing of a “starry sky” comprised of electric lights – a tried and true solution that all public park administrations love to use. The Bureau’s project replaced the ubiquitous lamp posts with voluminous garlands of diode nets reflecting the rhythm and proportions of the surrounding architecture, while a 27-meter high Christmas tree set up at the end of the avenue served as the entire composition’s emphasis, raising the degree of its cheerfulness and highlighting the point of destination.