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Varshavskoe h, 141, Moscow


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


O. Deribas

E. Stankevich

S. Telkanova

O. Vlasenko

photo: V. Feoktistov


The urban planning composition of the new residential area on the site of the Gazstroymash plant consists of 4 towers overlooking the Varshavskoe highway and the Superblock.
The 12-story buildings of the Superblock organize the courtyard space. The Superblock's high-rise accents echo the towers' silhouettes and bring out the backdrop to the highway. Large bright patterns of the facades create a color accent in this point of the Varshavskoe highway. The facades of the building are finished with ceramic tiles in 8 colors.

2014 - 2016

status: built

client: PIK group

total area: 180 000 m2

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