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-1 floor plan
ground floor plan
2-3 floor plan
6 floor plan


Pozharsky lane, bld 3, bld 5/12-1, Moscow


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


V. Goncharov

T. Magichev

S. Telkanova

engineers: NPC Monolit
visualization: L. Koloyarskaya

2016 - 2017

status: project

client: OOO Absolut

total area: 6078 m2

The building consists of 20 apartments and makes part of the collection of luxury housing in the Ostozhenka district. The house takes up historical space from the city and at the same time returns a modern public space. It is the distinction between this building and its predecessors.

Of the three blocks of different heights, the middle one recedes into the depth of the site and creates a small area in front of the main entrance. Each block has its own façade solution. This technique allows for the delicate integration of the preserved historical façade.

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