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Horoshevo-Mnevniki district, Moscow


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


I. Safiullina

O. Vlasenko

N. Sabirova

T. Magichev

A. Bakhlina

E. Guk

N. Polyakova

2016 - 2021

status: built

client: Mosinzhproekt

The main theme of Terekhovo station - a new underground public space - was neutrality and lightness.

The architecture and design of the station are reminiscent of the historic interiors of the Moscow metro. The station has many classic details: flutes, caissons, colonnades in a modern minimalist interpretation.

On the columns of the station are printed abstract silhouettes of people, ordinary citizens, our contemporaries, like the heroes of the metro of the past: workers, farmers and scientists.

The material used at the station is fiberglass concrete. It gives a visual sense of the integrity and plasticity of the interior. Its tone reflects and diffuses light, expanding the space.

The entrance pavilions are designed as high portals, visible from afar thanks to their 16-meter arch. The reflected light of the well-known bright red letter "M" illuminates the portal, marking the entrance to the brave new world of the Moscow Metro's Big Circle Line.


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