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Tverskaya st, Moscow


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


V. Gusev

A. Nunez

K. Skachkov

I. Solomin

E. Zlobin


status: competition, II place

competition organiser: Strelka KB

This project was created as a proposal for the "My Street" competition. Our concept of Moscow's main street, Tverskaya, is based on a simple but important idea: it is incorrect to deal with only one street in the city, even if it is the main one. Instead of an obvious solution - to emphasize longitudinal ties, BUROMOSCOW proposes to focus on transverse ones. The project is called “The Other Side”, which means the pedestrian, visual and semantic connection of opposite sides. It will allow the resources invested in the development of Tverskaya street to flow further, capturing more and more public spaces in Moscow.

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