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Triumfalnaya sq, Moscow


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


E. Guk 

N. Remizova 

S. Telkanova

O. Vlasenko

engineers: PK Trio
illumination: Q-pro

greenery: Arteza, Alphabet city
small architectural forms: KROST

photo: V. Feoktistov

2014 - 2015

status: built

client: DKR

площадь: 1,3 Ha

Triumfalnaya is a square of youth, freedom, and romance. Its structure has been changed to make the space comfortable for pedestrians. The landscape design and small architectural forms set the boundaries. The swing has become a new famous urban symbol.

As a manifesto of the project, we have chosen the motto «SMOG» of the legendary literary group that came to the square in the 1960s. One of the many ways to decipher the abbreviation was the words: Courage (smelost), Thought (mysl’), Image (obraz), Depth (glubina). The project uses the motto literally. The courage is needed to propose preserving an empty area in the city, wherein the few years public spaces were filled with an active life.

The focused thought needs to find an answer to the question «why an empty space could make sense for citizens». The image of Triumfalnaya Square is full of the spirit of youth, freedom, and romance. The depth of perception is a result of the careful work of each of the involved specialists - architects, landscape, and lighting designers.

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