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site plan
-1 floor plan
1 floor plan
2 floor plan
6 flor plan
section 2-2


Ostozhenka st, bld 4-6, Moscow


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


E. Guk

A. Kim

T. Magichev

I. Nekrasov

A. Spivak

E. Zlobin

engineers: Engex
contsructors: ASK

The project of a multifunctional complex includes the reconstruction of the existing Rimsky-Korsakov's estate and the construction of a new building for apartments. The historical facade will be restored for the new housing. Commercial premises and parking are located on three underground levels. From the side of Ostozhenka, the ground floor opens onto the street with shop windows. From the side of the Kropotkinskaya metro station, due to the relief difference, the entrance to the shopping space is arranged from the ground level.

The ancient building of the Red Chambers is included in the reconstruction area. It is supposed to house a gallery of modern art.

The architecture of the facades uses techniques traditional for the Ostozhenka district. Facades are finished with glass fiber cement panels.

design started: 2010

status: in progress

client: ООО Absolut

total area: 18500 m2

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