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ground floor plan
2rd floor eng
2 floor plan


Varshavskoe sh, 141, bld 


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


A. Fedoseeva

V. Goncharov

T. Magichev

N. Sabirova

M. Serova

E. Stankevich 

O. Vlasenko

engineers: NPC Monolit

photo: S. Telkanova, V. Feoktistov



2014 - 2017

status: built

client: PIK group

total area: 3783 кв.м

The kindergarten's territory inside the new residential complex "Varshavskoe shosse 141" of Yuzhny Chertanovo has an irregular shape. The round volume turns the kindergarten into the main building of the quarter. The striped glazing of the ground floor makes the kindergarten part of the courtyard spaces of the entire urban block. On the first and second floors, there are fish, jellyfish, and shrimp-shaped windows. Colored glass is used in the corridors of the courtyard.

Each of the three floors is occupied by groups of different ages: the youngest children (up to 3 years old) live on the ground level.   The physical culture and music halls, administrative offices, and rooms for middle age kids are situated on the first floor. Pre-school-age children use the premises on the second floor. There is also a circle for different educational activities and a terrace for walking on an exploited roof.

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