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Khodynskaya st, 2, Moscow


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


A. Chichikova

E. Guk

N. Polyakova

2015 - 2016

status: project

client: MR Group

site area: 1,6 Ha

In the center of "Presnya City," there is a round building of the Khlebozavod (bakery), which is an architectural monument of the constructivist period. The concentric paving pattern, starting from the Khlebozavod and diverging towards the periphery of the place, emphasizes the declared idea of ​​centricity. In the spaces between the buildings, there are public recreation areas with playgrounds, and on the raised terraces of the houses, there are private ones intended only for residents. Another attractor of the place, catching attention from the roundabout, is the installation in the form of a carousel of red horses: it enlivens the transit space of the street and invites you to enter on the "Presnya City '' territory.

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