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"Dynamo" park, Khabarovsk


O. Aleksakova

J. Burdova


A. Chichikova
V. Gusev

N. Polyakova

N. Sabirova

K. Skachkov

I. Solomin

We have divided the park into four areas in accordance with the category of users, relief, natural and transit features.

The children's area is located on the site of the existing amusement park, supplemented with modern equipment and multifunctional pavilions. An orthogonal grid of paths permeates the theater square. Its division is set by the details of the stylobate of the Musical Theater. The river valley stretches along a cascade of existing groundwater ponds. We planned to dam it up, rehabilitate the channel, and improve it with a promenade and rain gardens. The central axis is an important transit artery as well as a connecting space for all adjacent territories.


status: competition, Ist place

competition organiser: Strelka KB 
site area: 15,9 Ha

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