Residential house on General Glagolev street

Location: General Glagolev St., 49-26, Moscow

Customer: LLC “PSF KROST”

Architects: J. Burdova (leader), O. Aleksakova (leader), . Sukhova, L. Koloyarskaya, I. Aparin, O. Vlasenko, N. Remizova, A. Fedoseenko, J. Boerner, I. Zipin, B. Henning

Design started: 2006

Construction completed: 2008

Status: built

Photo: V. Feoktistov, Y. Pindora

Housing block on Glagoleva 49_26 is wrapped in a bright geometrical pattern as an attempt to escape from grey monotony of Moscow suburb.
The block is symmetrical in its setting with the first one on Karbysheva _21 and continues the theme of a multicolored Microrayon.
In the housing structure we used columns istead of commonly used walls, that allowed not only to reach greater flexibility in the apprtments, but also to free up the ground floor for commercial functions.
Block’s massive body seems lifted up from the ground through the use of a transparent layer on the ground floor. It opens the visual connection between the street and the courtyard.
Height differences within the site made it possible to arrange the parking in a way that allows for cars to be parked on the ground floor and the daylight to enter the parking space.  In same time the courtyard is lifted up above the street level. Thus a natural border between the courtyard and the street is formed
without the use of fences and gates.