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Olga Aleksakova

Julia Burdova


Serafima Telkanova

Alena Guk

Nailya Sabirova

Olga Vlasenko

Ksenia Panferova


status: project

client: Etalon

total area: 

The new Moscow district Zil-Yug is located on the territory of the former ZIL plant on the banks of the Moskva River.

We created a pilot project of two urban blocks, which became the basis for the subsequent development of the master plan and the other blocks on this territory.

The basic principle is providing for a varied and permeable environment, allowing each resident to have the main advantage of this site - the view of the river. The diverse development has been completed thanks to a mix of typologically different buildings: two- and three-story townhouses, terraced houses, high-rise towers, and mid-rise sections. A system of comfortable pedestrian boulevards forms the permeability of the quarter. 

We located the tower buildings on the second line, terraced houses on the first line, and created layouts in which each room has a corner window to achieve the maximum number of apartments with a view of the water.  

The first urban block is situated on the corner section and fixes the entry point to the peninsula. Here we propose to install a 100-meter residential tower with a large cantilever extension. The expressive silhouette of the tower attracts the eye from different points of the city. The facade is clad with voluminous mother-of-pearl metal panels. This technique enhances the play of light and shade.

The second urban block, which faces the Marc Chagall promenade, will be a residential complex of six different-story typologies of buildings, which will create a visually rich and human-scale urban space.

Terraced houses with a height of three to ten floors will appear on the first line, on the second line - 29-story towers, townhouses, and 9-story sections. The complex's infrastructure occupies the ground floors of buildings overlooking public pedestrian boulevards, while the courtyard space is accessible only for residents.

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