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Olga Aleksakova

Yulia Burdova


Andres Nunes

Nikolay Neganov

Photo: Vlad Feoktistov












status: built

client: PIK

Block 4 is the only tower-type building on the territory of the "Green Park" complex situated at the crossroad of pedestrian routes. The tower  is a sculptural object in the center of the district and becomes a landmark, a center of attention. To add plasticity to this vertical shape, the stairs are moved out to one of the corners of the building. The silhouette of the staircase is drawn with large windows making the corner very graphic.

The window grid is designed in such a way that it becomes slightly larger every six floors. We use this subtle trick to make an optical illusion. The tower viewed from bottom to top appears to be trapezoidal.

The ground floor of this residential building is occupied by commercial premises. We made a large cantilevering roof with skylights, a covered area, and a meeting place of the residents. Most of the houses in the "Green Park" are all white with an inclusion of bright colors. "Block 4" is pure white, emphasizing the simplicity of its shape with clear worked out proportions.

This solution is aligned with the surrounding architecture - the modernist series of the 70s finished with white tiles with blue and yellow highlights.

Block 4 is finished with hpl-panels manufactured by Fundermax, as well as the rest of the residential complex. Its unusual sculptural solution, covered area, and location make it a district’s darling.

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